This Is The Year For A New Smile!

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Millcreek Cosmetic Dentistry

Hello, I am Dr. Jared Theuer. Welcome to my Millcreek dental blog. Because my chosen profession is dentistry, I create total smile makeovers for my patients. If you are not familiar with the latest dental advances, you might not realize what cosmetic dentistry can do for you. I have dedicated my professional life to creating…

5 Smile Makeover Questions For Salt Lake City Smiles

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How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost In Salt Lake City

If you are considering a multi-procedure smile makeover or extensive restorative dental work, here are four considerations: All At Once Or Over Time? At The Sugar House Dentist – Theurer Family Dental, our smile makeover patients can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to…

How To Get The Whitest Teeth

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teeth whitening Salt Lake City

Some people’s teeth are whiter than others, but I think it’s safe to say that most of us want our teeth to be pearly white! If you are one of those people, then The Sugar House Dentist – Theurer Family Dental can help you achieve that unforgettable smile you deserve. Today we want to share…

Call Them What You Will, Just Keep Them Healthy

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Salt Lake City Top Cosmetic dentist

Chompers. Pearly Whites. Dents. Gnashers. Grill. Here in Salt Lake City, Utah we have a lot of fun ways to refer to our teeth. And while you can switch up what you call them, you should never switch up a well-engrained oral health routine. Making time in your busy day to brush and floss is…

Cosmetic Dentistry: Gum Contouring

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Cosmetic Dentistry: Gum Contouring In Salt Lake City

Gum contouring is an option for dental patients wanting a smile makeover. Theurer Family Dental offers cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry. Do your gums hurt? Call us today for an appointment. We keep Salt Lake City smiles healthy.

Is Malocclusion Causing Your Headache?

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Salt Lake City Headache Relief

Do you suffer with chronic headaches? Have you tried Imitrex, diet adjustments, and Millcreek chiropractic treatment? Perhaps the cause is not stress-induced tension, spine alignment or eyestrain. Maybe the culprit is right under your nose. Bite misalignment or malocclusion is a fairly common problem with dental patients yet ordinarily goes undetected. Nature intended the front…

Embarrassed By Your Teeth?

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Millcreek aesthetic dentistry

What is a beautiful smile worth? Salt Lake City men and women who have received a smile makeover at The Sugar House Dentist – Theurer Family Dental in Salt Lake City say it was worth every penny. Your smile is a part of you that you share with your Salt Lake City family, Millcreek friends,…

Sparkling Smiles With Safe Bleaching

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affordable teeth bleaching Salt Lake City

One of the easiest ways to beautify your smile cosmetically is through teeth whitening. Whitening teeth is a straightforward, non-invasive method to improve your overall appearance and bring confidence to your daily interactions with people. Before beginning the procedure of teeth whitening, The Sugar House Dentist – Theurer Family Dental recommends each patient meet with…